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Today is a day of small, modest, unimportant achievements. That kind of achievements that we should learn to weight properly. That is, really appreciating and enjoying them.

First of all: at last I've managed to overcome some annoying technical limitations that prevented me from writing mixed-language posts in my blog in an easy way. I really wanted to show a flag next to each post indicating its language (I know that some say that flags are not appropriate to visually represent languages, but I haven't seen any better solution so far). To do this, I had to copy and paste HTML code (yuk!) in the title of each post. This got broken with Blogger beta, but I hoped that I could reach a more elegant solution using tags. Well, here it is. Now, if I write a post in English, I don't put HTML code in the title; I just tag it with "en". The flags appear as I wanted. But it has been rather difficult. I think I'll write about how to do it (it will probably be the first useful post in this blog). And... why not make it my first multilingual individual post? After all, if I put several language tags, my system will show all of them :-)

Second: yesterday, after several weeks without doing any jogging, I decided to run for 10 km, even though it wast only my second training day. Even worse, while I was getting dressed I noticed that I had forgotten my socks. "Nevermind", I thought. "I'm going to make these 10 km even if I have to run on my bare hands". With the help of Alter Bridge (wonderful, wonderful album) I managed to reach the line, in some seconds under 50 minutes (which happens to be an excellent mark for me at this early stage; 5'/km is a pretty good pace for such a distance, and 4'30" would be quite noticeable). The I realized that my trainers had some small blood stains, because I had some small chafings I hadn't even noticed. But I don't care.

Third: yesterday I completed a full year working for the Asturian parliament. Therefore, I suppose that today, definitely, I can be properly considered a civil servant, although some paperwork is still pending. Of course this is in some sense a major achievement, but actually I haven't done anything specially valuable these days regarding this point; it's been mostly a consistent work throughout a full year. But today it¡s a good day to celebrate it.

Anyway, I can't avoid feeling proud mostly because of my 10 km in 50 minutes. Maybe because although I was determined to do it, I was unsure about being able to. Small achievements are what really matters.

And the secret is not having great, special abilites or being heroes. The real issue is just to notice them. And that's up to us.

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kikobolingas dijo...

Constratulations for your first anniversary!! Like I said one year ago, it´s a great loss for University and especially for students.

Guti dijo...

Thank you so much :-)

I'm planning to come back again to University (part-time) these days. Seeing me there again, maybe some students will slowly (or quickly) change their mind about my departure being a loss :-)