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If you feel a bit melancholic, maybe Georgia on my mind will do something for you. Not this version, of course. There are loads of them; Ray Charles, very, very sloooow, accompanied by a flute, is not the worse one.

Last Sunday, at Lamuño, a handful of friends joined once again to play. In both senses of the word, since our rehearsals are not too formal; the main rule is to have fun. No pressure, no discipline; playing. Thanks to Luis, we recorded the session (it's great for learning). And one of the results is this modest version. Its value for us is that it happened just this way, and it is truly improvised. It's not too bad for our very limited talents.

Unfortunately, our friend Miguel (clarinet) couldn't come this time. So the offenders are, in order of solo appearance: myself (Ibanez Artcore AG75 electric guitar, Behringer VAmp 2 amplifier for recording, although I heard myself through a Roland MicroCube), Luis (Privia keyboard, I think, recorded as MIDI), and the great Miguel (Yamaha acoustic amplified guitar, Peavey amp). Anyway, equalization and mixing was done by Luis, and this is the reason why it sounds pretty decent.

Don't expect too much, but I think the song is so wonderful its charme withstands our performance.

Georgia on my mind [WMA, 2.429 KB]

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