Text in English Oops! I did it again

No, it's not about Britney Spears.

Some weeks ago I realized that comments for my blog were moderated, but I wasn't moderating anything. I presented my apologies here, and I solved the problem.

For a while. Now I've noticed that only "members of this blog" (whatever that means) are allowed to write. So, once again, if you wanted to post a comment, you weren't allowed to.

I'd like to make this clear for this stupid server:

"Hi, server. Can you hear me? I want to allow anybody to tell anything they like, with the exception of spam. TEHY ARE WELCOME. PLEASE, DON'T MISTREAT MY GUESTS. NEVER AGAIN."

My apologies again. And if you wanted to post any comment, and you still feel like doing so... please, do it.

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