Text in English Obvious metaphors

You meet some special, helpless plant. And some mysterious connection occurs. And, although you hadn't planned it, you start to take care. Communication is difficult between so different worlds but, in your strange, human way, you shower it with attention. You give it things it probably doesn't need, but you try your best anyway. You see it grow. You feel better. It seems to blossom. It soon will become a real tree. Strong, tall. It will probably survive you. And in its strange, vegetable way, it looks grateful, it looks like a friend.

And then, in only one week, this happens.

I have no idea, but it probably was this..

And, of course, lots of obvious thoughts and analogies and metaphors come at once.

I'll miss you, anyway.

2 comentarios:

mralbizu dijo...

Don't worry. If you want another tree to fill the gap this one has left in your heart, you know I have some "trees of love" (Cercis siliquastrum waiting for you.

Hiroshige dijo...

Buf, yo pensaba que era cosa sólo de mis plantas, pero ya veo que el puñetero hongo está en todos lados, qué putada :-(