Text in English Memory against football-litics

For some time, I've been considering the need of some website for storing what our politicians say. The main reasons are:

  • I think that politic dialectic (at least in Spain) is reaching a high degree of decay. It's not about debate anymore; nowadays, it's only about rhetoric (but a very, very poor, clumsy and mediocre rhetoric).

  • We allow our politicians to constantly lie. We accept their lies. We need their lies. We know they are lying, but we don't mind. We are just football-litics supporters, and we need our heroes to blame others to applaud them, even when we are certain that they've played rather badly.

  • We desperately need to set and capture what they say, and remember it forever. Not because they cannot change their mind; they're allowed to do it. We simply need them to acknowledge that they've changed their mind when they do.

  • We need some way to notice when they're actually not saying anything significant. Trying to write it down is a syntax exercise that could be a good way to detect that situation, beyond personal preferences.

Of course, there should be some rules, just like in any wiki-related project, that fair contributors would honour (I will write this down, although I know for sure that this needs lots of rewriting and rethinking):

  • No matter what your point of view is, no matter who you vote, your overall attitude when discussing some item will not be to prove that you're right, but to explain why you feel you're right and how you would change your mind.

  • You will not assume evil intentions not supported by evidence.

  • You'll never forget the basic rules of democracy:

    • Power is shared by all citizens, by means of their representatives.

    • As a consequence, power will not work exactly as you'd like.

    • Even if you are convinced about some evident truth, unless you've been given the power in an election, you have to admit that the decision is not up to you (but in a small part).

  • When discussing some subject, you have to stick at that particular subject. You cannot balance this subject with any other one, unless there are compelling reasons to do so (or unless you are discussing just "which particular party is better").

I'd be really interested in reading texts that are aimed only at unmasking our politicians and giving us the resources to forcing them to be truly responsible of their words and acts, and not just give evasive answers.

It would be great to hear them say, from time to time: "I was wrong", or simply "I didn't mean that", instead of the usual garbage they produce.

I think this could be a pretty collaborative project, just like any other wiki-something. The problem, of course, is: is it possible to be somewhat objective? Wouldn't that site become a pandemonium of loud discussions?

I definitely think it's possible to be a decent, moderate, sincere person. I think it's possible to search for the truth, even in politics. I think you can watch (and even enjoy) football (I mean, soccer) without killing anyone, and recognizing when one of your favourite players makes a foul or deserves a yellow card.

Would this possibly work?

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boronat dijo...

Hi teach,

I would suggest "political hooligans" instead of football-itics.

As for politics, I suggest further reading into something called "politicians 2.0" (as in web 2.0). Sorry for changing the language, but I don't have it english. It shares some of your views on the issue.

Conductas políticas para la participación ciudadana

Guti dijo...

I agree with your term; in fact, I almost write the word "hooligans" at some point (it finally didn't fit). But my intention with football-litics was not to name the people who act that way, but the activity itself; "football-litics" would be equivalent to "politics", not to "politicians" or "supporters".

So, from now on, I'll talk about political hooligans (or maybe politooligans for short) that do not argue about politics, but about football-litics instead.

As for the link, thanks a lot, as usual... Very interesting (and maybe another one to aggregate? Too many people writing too many interesting thinks out there...).